Get to know your EV

Besides a full charge, did you know that there are other factors that will tell you how far you can drive your car before it needs a charge?

Did you know that there are tens of thousands of electric charging stations across the USA?

Most people think that EVs are expensive, but there are many government and tax incentives available to new EV owners.

Click here to compare fuel and operating costs between an electric vehicle and the fuel powered vehicle of your choice.

Did you know that most EVs come with a battery warranty that covers battery replacement for the second or third owners of the vehicle?

Your EV does not emit any exhaust and little greenhouse gas emissions. Take a look at this calculator to see the environmental impact of your EV.

Interactive EPA Label

Did you know cars for sale at a dealership are required to show the EPA label on the window? Take a look at this interactive label to learn more.

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